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Частное объявление, номер: 489901
Russian Federation
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Marital status: married
Driving licence: category B (tractor)
2006-2009- graduated from the Saratov State Social and Economic University. Specialization:financier by industry.
2009-2015- work in the specialty at the enterprise.
2015-2019- work on a tractor in agriculture (sowing and harvesting; preparation of feed for cows,pigs for the winter; cleaning for animals on the farm).
2019-2021- work on a construction site ( the duties include all types of internal work).
Hobbies: sport (athletics, boxing), charitable help, working with cars.
About me: height 182 cm, weight 100 kg. I am a kind and cheerful person, born and raised in the village. I have a good physical training. I like to change my life and not stop at what i have achieved. I don’t have any bad habits. I am punctual, I easily learn everything new and also I know how to find a compromise.
Spouse- Krygina Anna Aleksandrovna- Call Center Operator
Father- Krygin Pyotr Vladimirovich- retiree
Mother- Shcherbanova Svetlana Yuryevna- housewife
I need this job, because I am a hardworking employee, I am interested in learning and gaining new experience.


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