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Ver.MPI-3 Diagnostic Kit license Megatech 10 years can be used to diagnose all cars 4-TEC / E-TEC BRP 2002-2016:

PWC and SeaDoo sports boats. Skidoo and Lynx snowmobiles. All Can Am cars (ATV, SSV, Roadster Spyder).

Using the BRP BUDS MPI-3 diagnostic kit, you can perform the following procedures:

Edit vehicle information;
Check, add or remove DESS keys;
Adjust engine parameters;
Activate the outputs of the module;
Stop the engine;
Monitor vehicle parameters;
Troubleshoot the car;
Replace the module;
Update module software and / or calibration data;
Reading and dumping historical data;
Save vehicle information to disk;
Print information about the car.

In addition to the basic features of the “Dealer license, the “Megatech license allows you to perform the following actions:

Change the VIN and MODEL numbers (useful after replacing the ECU);
View stories in hours, not percentages; Enable / disable DESS (start the car with any key (except Roadster Spyder); Change the DESS key type in two clicks (normal, training, rent); Clear ECM history (useful after replacing the ECU); Change the total number of vehicle hours (SeaDoo); View more information blocks; Edit injector ratio for E-TEC Skidoo; Enable / disable options / modules / sensors of the vehicle; Increase Spark power from 60 hp to 90 hp

We accept payments only from Western Union, MoneyGram, Sigue, RIA, Payoneer.

Our goods are sent to customers from a warehouse in Ukraine.

Shipping methods you can choose: EMS (7-10 days) and DHL (3-10 days).

Viber+380999704767 Natalya


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