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Looking for any job
Работа и бизнес - Ищу работу
Частное объявление, номер: 417824
Hello! I'm looking for any job (i can be a salesman)! I have a lot of experience.
I am diligent, positive and perfectly perform any work entrusted to me!
There is a drawback! I don't know Finnish. But I will learn the basic level of Finnish in 2 weeks after moving to Finland. Before moving I will know the basics of Finnish! I speak and understand English.
I want to get a job for long period.
A little bit about myself!
I don't have bad habits.
I plan to move to Finland. In your country, I like the climate, infrastructure, beautiful houses and a measured rhythm of life! I have a girlfriend, she's an interior designer. If I get a job as a salesman, we'll move in together. To work in Finland, we will find an apartment and rent it ourselves. In the future, I want to become a model citizen of Finland. I will be able to confirm my diploma and work in the


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